Our Stand at Ligna 23 in Hanover

Can-Am Chains was founded in Canada in 1966 by CEO Robert Gibb. The company began life as a small family run engineering workshop but with determination and hard work, we are proud to say that Can-Am Chains is the largest manufacturer of welded steel chain worldwide to date.

Can-Am Chains offers a wide variety of top calibre products. Quality and consistency are at the forefront of every aspect of what we do. Our highly skilled teams of personnel in each division from design and manufacturing to sales and marketing everyone is vital in maintaining success.

Can-Am Chains (Europe) Ltd was established in 2006 as a european base for Can-Am products and services. Europe have different chain requirements than in Canada/USA. Our technicians in the UK have a wealth of knowledge with conveyor systems in many different sectors in Europe. Our perfected chain formula through rigorous testing and analysis helps us choose the right material to create the correct blend of exterior hardness but malleable core. With innovative technology and heat treatment processes our fully assembled products provide exceptional strength and flexibility to withstand the harsh conveying conditions in day to day operation environments. Our unique design and formulas coupled with our technology and expertise sets Can-Am ahead of the rest.

We are one of the worlds most respected manufacturers of conveyor equipment and the only one who can offer a team of sales engineers on hand to problem solve, advise and provide solutions to prolong the life cycle of conveyor equipment. Our vast knowledge and experience of conveyors gives us the confidence to say Can-Am can and will save its customers money in less maintenance and downtime losses.

Can-Am Chains is always evolving but our principles remain the same, we always maintain our high standards, our products will always last and our aim is to exceed customer expectations. Can-Am Chains is the link to success!

If you are as passionate about your business as we are about ours then you won’t go wrong choosing Can-Am Chains!

Whenever chain performance means productivity, Can-Am Chains Delivers!